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Meet Jane Czaja – Crochet Expert

Jane Czaja shares her passion for crochet and some of her projects with Valerie Nesbitt.


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Jane Czaja loves to crochet. In this interview with Valerie Nesbitt we see and learn about the variety of projects she is involved with.

Jane takes us from her very first piece through to some current projects including:

  • Jane’s favourite triangle huggy cushion
  • The granny treble square cushion
  • Patch the dog. This uses squaring the circle squares and could use scraps
  • A corner to corner crochet potholder
  • A super seaside cushion (which has the sailboat on one side and a sandcastle on the other)
  • A delightful children’s blanket with 9 animals
  • A stunning white sampler crochet blanket. This is made up of 36 squares and there is also a downloadable pattern booklet available in the Shop.

She is currently working as a freelance technical editor of Inside Crochet – a crochet magazine – to which she is also a frequent contributor herself.

Jane has  worked closely with Nicki Trench checking patterns and making up samples for her books and you can find Jane’s name mentioned as part of the team just inside many of her CICO books.

Some of Jane’s patterns are already in the shop; others will be along shortly when we get to enjoy workshops with her.

As a freelance crochet teacher, Jane also offers workshops and to find more information about her visit:
Instagram  @janeccrochet

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