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Knitting Mattress Stitch with Fiona Goble

Fiona Goble shows us how to sew two pieces of knitting together with this very useful stitch which  is both invisible and allows the knitting seam to lay flat.

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This is a simple but useful sewing stitch which is used in knitting and allows the knitting to lay flat when joining two pieces on top of each other.

Fiona shows us how easy this is, and while she demonstrates with contrast thread (or yarn) she would usually use the same colour as as been used in the knitted project.

In this project she is joining two pieces which are flat, but the stitch is also, and more commonly used, when joining the side seams of a knitted project.

The project Fiona is working on is her knitted rabbit – and you can enjoy this How to knit a rabbit scrap workshop by clicking here.

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