How to use the EZ Quilting squares presented by Jennie Rayment

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How to use the EZ Quilting squares presented by Jennie Rayment

In this workshop Jennie shows you how to use these templates which allow you to rotary cut your patchwork pieces quickly and accurately and she also gives some ideas for patterns and designs.


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Squares are the bedrock of simple patchwork and if you cut accurately then the sewing just fits together perfectly and link in with triangles from the Easy Angle range – so even if you are used to working in metric providing you use these tools, you just need to follow the numbers.

The rulers also have a diagonal which allows you to square up your blocks brilliantly – also something that today’s patchwork uses a lot.

Jennie demonstrates how to use the square template with your rotary cutter keeping yourself safe! and this works whether you are left handed or right handed.

The Squares available are:

4.5 inch
6.5 inch
9.5 inch
12.5 inch

and they are all Leftie-Rightie squares – which means everyone can use them!

and then there is also  the mini-template at 2.5inch which is perfect for using jelly roll strips which are of course 2.5 inch wide! (or getting yourself prepared for some scrap quilts later)

These are available through us or your local quilt shop.


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