How to make Chenille Fabric with Valerie Nesbitt

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How to make Chenille Fabric with Valerie Nesbitt

A great way to create your own fun, textured fabric and use up stash.


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Chenille fabric is made and not bought; once you have made it obviously it can be sewn up into any number of items – garments, bags,cushions, knick-knacks,- the list is endless.

While using stunning fabric works well, it is also a way of using up some ‘dogs’ from the cupboard that maybe you now look at and wonder why you bought them. Colour is the key – so the bolder the better often works.

Furnishing fabric works really well for cushions and bags since it is so robust but bear in mind the bulk for the seams and layer up with something thinner.

This is the one I was making earlier!


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