How to Make a Secret Pillow with Valerie Nesbitt

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How to Make a Secret Pillow with Valerie Nesbitt

A Quillow – it’s where the quilt hides inside your pillow to create the pillow pad or stuffing.


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You can use any project and turn it into a ‘Secret Cushion’ you just need to remember to make the ‘cushion’ part large enough.

In this video Valerie turns her Beginners Sampler Quilt into a Secret Cushion. First she makes the cushion from the scraps or left overs of the quilt, then she attaches it to the quilt back, where it will be hidden.

The lovely part of this is – when the secret cushion quilt is in use, the cushion becomes a perfect spot to slip your feet into!

Valerie mentions joining wadding. She also suggests you think about your needle, and if you want to know more, then Dawn Cameron-Dick has all the answers in her lecture.

The 9 block sampler is similar to that designed by her for the block of the Month – Your First Sampler Quilt. While the sample is for 9 blocks, there are instructions and variations for 15.

The quilts hanging in the background are from the workshop Modern Charm Quilt.

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