How to cut a large bias square by Jennie Rayment

///How to cut a large bias square by Jennie Rayment

How to cut a large bias square by Jennie Rayment

All you need to know about grain and avoiding a wobbly quilt when you want a large square in the centre of your quilt without any joins.


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Jennie shares with Valerie how to cut a large square on the bias for the centre of her medallion quilt.  Visually this is so that Valerie can avoid having seams in the medallion centre.    They discuss the grain and why you can’t just cut a square and put it on point and then with the use of the 45degree angle on the ruler Jennie sets to and cuts a large bias square so that the grain holds firm.


This has been extracted from the longer video made for our Block of the Month programme, which you can still watch if you are a subscribed member click here

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