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Hot spots with Kim Thittichai

Learn how easy and versatile this product is – and its washable – and there is still time before Christmas!

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This great workshop by Kim shows the versatility of the ‘Hot Spots’ product which is an iron-on glue-style product which can then be embellished. Kim uses it in her quiltart projects, it can be used in cardmaking and here she shows how to embellish a simple t-shirt using micro flitter, sequins and foils.


Kim says……..


I am a textile artist and tutor living in Brighton, East Sussex.

Having worked through most of the traditional techniques I find I am drawn to experiment, layering techniques where I can.


My original training was in Wood, Metal, Ceramics and Plastics. I had no idea at the time that the course would be instrumental in my development as an artist and a tutor. As students we were trained as artist craftpersons, learning how to use each material before we designed anything. Little did I know how important this would be thirty years down the line. When you are 21 you have no idea what is ahead of you, I hoped to be a potter but could never afford a kiln large enough for my work and then life took over and whisked me away onto other pathway.


My work is split roughly into three areas – 3D & experimental textiles, wall pieces and photography.

Adult Education is my preferred area of teaching though I do go into schools to torture students and teachers if asked nicely.


I have written and developed various ‘Experimental Textiles’ courses up to level 4 and have delivered them at City College Brighton & Hove, Portslade Community College and Northbrook College from 1998 – 2008.


I now work as a freelance tutor, I feel I have ‘done my time’ in Adult Education. I miss the regular contact with my students but I am lucky that many still keep in touch. Most of my ex students are continuing to work in the textiles field and there are several websites for you to check out on my web site.


I lecture internationally about my work, my teaching and my students and I have written and deliver various workshops and summer schools. I am known for breaking boundaries and helping students to think out of the box!


My book ‘Hot Textiles’ was published by Batsford in September 2007. ‘Experimental Textiles’ will be published by Batsford in August 2009.


Every year I attend the Practical Study Group Summer School to refresh and develop new skills.


I demonstrate surface decoration techniques for ICHF (International Craft & Hobby Fairs) and travel with them to Exeter, Cardiff, Glasgow, Brighton and Birmingham most years.




One very talented lady – a real hot spot!


Contact Kim on


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