Hatched, Matched, Despatched and Patched Exhibition

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Hatched, Matched, Despatched and Patched Exhibition

An exhibition at the American Museum in Britain which is located just outside Bath.

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This exhibition which ran back in 2015 brings together a range of objects that commemorate family milestones.   As well as featuring historic quilts from major collections, the exhibition also showcases superb costumes  – christening, wedding and funeral.

For Hatched we have christening gowns and babies bonnets. There is also a wonderful and interesting selection of gifts that mark the event.

For Matched we can enjoy a selection of wedding gowns, quilts and furniture.

In Despatched we get to see the artistry of burial clothes. You will see what the best dressed widow would be expected to wear, as well as several quilts

and for Patched of course we get to enjoy a selection of quilts.

All the items are really old and it is amazing to see the beauty that remains and the quality of work that was achieved bearing in mind that the maker would have had, by today’s standards, poor lighting and poor implements to work with.

Our thanks to Kate Hebert, Chief Curator, for sharing so much information and so many interesting stories that are linked to these items.

For more information on the Museum, how to get there, and the opening hours visit:


and we also visited the Jen Jones museum and you can enjoy the various films  that we have made about her, the Welsh Centre, and her exhibitions by clicking on this QUick Search.

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