Evolve, Evoke, Expand – Prism Textile Exhibition – Part 2

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Evolve, Evoke, Expand – Prism Textile Exhibition – Part 2

We continue to wander round the varied exhibits at this fascinating mixed media exhibition.

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Prism Textiles part 2

Prism Textiles host an annual exhibition at the Mall Galleries in Pall Mall London each year and this year we went along to see it. The aim of the group is to bring to the public work of the highest quality both to highlight the breadth textile practice can extend to, but also to challenge notions of the textile as simply decorative and domestic.

The membership of the group is worldwide and is currently 174 strong and no longer affiliated so applications for membership are now invited on an annual basis with the closing date of mid-July You can find more on their website at www.prismtextiles.co.uk

Featured artists

Featured artists in this section are:

Sheila Cahn

Sheila’s work celebrates the relativity of colour and explores her emotional responses to the magical qualities of ever changing light on land and seascapes.

Maria-Teresa Fernandes

Time, place ad memory are an important part of life and work; the works in this exhibition are richly layers and textured and digital photography is used in conjunction with stitch to add desity and form.

Anna Granberg

For Anna textiles are the ultimate way of utilising materials as a media for her expressive art. “We all have memories of how textiles relate to our bodies and those memories can be the intermediary link with how we feel today”.

Jackie Langfeld

Jackie’s current work has evolved naturally from her Paper Warrier series and continues to focus on a frgile and ephemeral world.

Julieanne Long

Julieanne’s work reflects her fascination of the natural world around her and a particular aspect of her work is the use of recycled and found materials.

Julia Triston

Julia’s quirky textile artwork using recycled underwear has evolved to this recently made and worn, ‘Pink Nation Bra-Ra Dress’ which she wore on the Fourth Plinth in London’s Trafalgar Square. Every bra in this dress was donated to raise money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

To enjoy Part 1: click here:

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