Embellishing Level 2 with Myfanwy Hart

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Embellishing Level 2 with Myfanwy Hart

In this short taster Myfanwy talks about creating landscapes and textured surfaces.


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Use the Embellisher Machine to create

This is a short taster for the second DVD from Myfanwy; in this she introduces felting fabrics together instead of just using felt and having mastered the simpler techniques such as lines and shapes in “Level 1” we progress into making pictures such as landscapes.

We learn on this DVD how to incorporate embellishing into mixed media projects by sewing onto the embellished material or by printing onto it using wooden blocks.

This is another in the Inspired series produced by Colouricious.

If you are enjoying using the embellisher machine with Myfanwy, you should enjoy the workshop with Jennifer Trollope.

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