Changing the Rotary Cutter Blade

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Changing the Rotary Cutter Blade

Valerie shows you how to safely replace your rotary cutter blade.

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Remove Old Rotary cutter Blade:

Finger on the centre of the cutter, turn cutter over, remove nut and washer

Turn cutter back; remove keep and old blade (you should still have the black safety cover there).

Replace New Rotary cutter Blade:

Place black onto of black safety cover – writing face up

Insert the keeper – writing face up

Hold and turn cutter over;

Replace washer and nut, tighten finger tight.

Basic Patchwork Skill

Changing the blade in our rotary cutter is something we should do more often because working with a blunt or damaged blade can be dangerous.

How many times does one puzzle over how to change the blade and where do all the pieces go once you have taken the blooming thing apart!  Remember – if you have bits left – you didn’t do it right!

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