Broidery Perse, machine applique and satin stitch with Jennie Rayment

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Broidery Perse, machine applique and satin stitch with Jennie Rayment

An old technique that makes the most of your fabric and/or adds some personalization to your garment


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Machine Applique

The original form of patchwork – placing something over a hole (or in Jennie’s case a stain):

Once again Jennie makes light work of this technique and shares with us how to set your machine to produce perfect satin stitch.

More about Jennie Rayment

This skinnyish, red-haired, slightly wacky Brit is totally obsessed with ‘Nipping and Tucking’ – fabric manipulation and surface texture. Unique in her field, she’s now internationally known for her quick, simple, innovative and original techniques with manipulated material and her hilarious lectures with real ‘Strip, Show and Tell’. Contact her on

She works and teaches on a variety of sewing machines from Bernina, Husqvarna, Pfaff to Brother, Janome and Elna but her delectable creations can be made by hand.

With six books on fabric manipulation techniques – all still in print, many articles and a variety of patterns including a twiddled and fiddled Block of the Month quilt, Jennie’s material magic goes on and on.

Nowadays, her work is exhibited in various galleries, at shows and exhibitions around the world. Most of her time is spent zapping round the world persuading people to ‘Nip, Tuck, Twiddle and Fiddle’ as well as manipulate and manoeuvre bits of fabric shapes into fascinating and innovative designs and patterns. In between she makes quilts, garments and all manner of other tucked up treasures.

Jennie Rayment

5 Queen Street, Emsworth, Hampshire, PO10 7 BJ 01243 374860 email:

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