Binding your quilt with Valerie Nesbitt

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Binding your quilt with Valerie Nesbitt

This in the alternative binding to mitred corners – straight corners


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Layer, quilt and BIND …

.. the final little four letter word on all projects!   You need to remember to sew the binding on with the help/use of your walking foot.  This is essential to avoid the layers shifting.  And, remember that your walking foot often sews a slightly wider than ¼” seam.  You will need to take it into account when cutting the width of your binding.

Do sew the binding on BEFORE you trim your project back, i.e. the wadding and backing should still be bigger than your quilt/project.  This way everything is much more stable.

Once the binding is sewn into place you can trim back.  Wew opposite sides of your project, finish them as per the workshop video, and then sew the final two sides of binding into place – again, trimming back the wadding and backing, and then finish off the binding.

The little trick on the corners will give you the perfect finish.

Mitred Corner Option

If you would like to see how to do mitred corners on your project – which look very professional – you can watch the video and see how easy it is: click here.

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