Jennie: I would never have thought that a week could go by and me not prattle on the blog! Tempus certainly fugits when you don’t look. Had fab day yesterday as filmed Mandy Shaw doing some amazing Christmas stuff from dolls to other delights and then went to see Kim Thittichai who did hot stuff with Hot Spots – Wow – am I going to have twinkles and sparkly bits and not necessarily on my lizards either – you will have to hang on for that salient titbit (or is it tidbit?) until the film comes out!

JHO has now been live proper for about 2 weeks and the news is that it is buzzy out there with bods telling each other about the site – just wait until you see some of the next stuff. This is not going to be any staid old web site for stuffy sewers but a funny and amusing with lots to learn all presented in a clear and fact filled fashion – Oh I just love alliteration!!!!!!!!!!!! And exclamation marks! Thought bold type face might be easier to read – any comments?