There is a new and rapidly growing quilting trend that started on the Internet – Modern Quilting which I think is very exciting;  I just love the simple use of colour and design and will be sharing a simple one with you soon.




Do you love modern quilts too?    Would you like to see more at a show maybe in 2014/15 here in the UK?

If so get in touch!


(my thanks to Quiltmania for the following information)

The Modern Quilt movement was born when a group of quilters applied their tastes and points of view to the traditional craft of quilting/patchwork and started sharing their work online.   As the movement has grown a number of aesthetic principles have begun to emerge:  the desire to make primarily functional rather than decorative quilts, to reinterpret traditional blocks, to use improvisional piecing, to feature solid fabrics and/or graphic, larger scale prints and on trend colour combinations, to use grey and white as neutrals, to incoporate asymmetry and negative space in quilt design, to be inspired by modern art and architecture, to focus on finishing quilts on home sewing machines.


You can get visit the website of the Modern Quilt Guild (