Jennie and I had a wonderful day filming on Tuesday – all seven parts of our new block of the month programme and I have now given the quilt a name (!) – Rosebud Fayre – which is also the name of the range of fabrics that we used; designed by Gail Kessler for Andover and distributed in the UK by Makower, these fabrics have been mixed with some of the Makower Itsy Bitsy range.



The idea behind the programme is not only to help you make the quilt (as seen) but also to give more additional tips and instructions on why we have to think about such things as grain, accurate seam allowance and colour choice and Jennie will also be giving some alternative – more challenging –blocks for the star corners; so we hope there will be something for all levels – from beginners to accomplished quiltmakers.



As usual in today’s world most of the cutting is assumed to be with the rotary cutter (therefore template free, although we do cover templates and how to make them for the more challenging star corners that are an alternate to the ones used in the quilt on show) and the blocks were made by machine, BUT they could have been sewn by hand.

The introduction video should be ready during September; I will work out the yardages you will need asap and get those posted onto the website so that you can be ready for when we start part one – the Medallion Centre – in October.

and here is another photo of us hard at work: