I do so love it when the younger generation get involved and their contributions and of such a high standard too.

Quilt for Mrs Brodie:

Children at Kingswood Primary School in Gloucestershire won the Village Fabrics Award for Under-16 Group Entry at the Quilts UK show in Malvern during May with a quilt made for their former headteacher.

Mrs Carol Brodie retired from her role as headteacher in December after 26 years at the school, but the gift of the quilt made by the children came as a complete surprise to her.

“I was completely overwhelmed by the whole thing. The children and staff put so much work into it – it will be a wonderful memory of my time at the school, and everyone was thrilled when we found out it had won first prize,” said Mrs Brodie.

Teacher Anna Kendall instigated the project, and each of the 130 pupils helped design and stitch the quilt. The four panels represent the four classes in the school, and depict themes of the environment, the school’s international work, sport and all aspects of school life. A friend encouraged Miss Kendall to enter the quilt into the competition at Malvern.