Val:  This is such a clever idea – shared by a friend of mine – that I thought I would pass it on:


Freezer paper can be printed on as a sheet of normal printer paper.
Import the picture/template into a word document, reverse it and print onto the paper side of freezer paper.

Magic paper
The one rule to successful printing on magic paper is to attach it to a well used piece of freezer paper.
Iron onto A4 freezer paper, foundation (Vilene) and print any picture/text in the usual way.
Run it through the printer 5/6 times to reduce the shine.

Iron an A4 sheet of magic paper onto this freezer paper, just enough to hold it, then print template. When cool, very carefully ‘roll’ the magic paper off the freezer paper. It may stick in places, so just roll back around this area and it will come off.
The freezer paper can be used with magic paper about six times.