I wish to make a cot quilt for my expected grandchild and would like to make some of the squares personalised by printing images from my computer onto the fabric. I see there are several methods of achieving this and wonder if in your experience you could recommend a tried and tested way. As this is for a baby, it will obviously be subjected to washing so the method needs to produce waterproof squares



As far as I am aware the fabrics that have been designed to go through your printer for use with your computer work well – and I am not aware that the brand makes any difference.   These should be readily available from your quilt shop (or www.creativequilting.co.uk).

You could also use  a method which uses fixing ink – but that is a little messier – but used by the textile girls a lot and I think produced by a company called Electric Quilt (who design computere software) and I know is stocked by The Cotton Patch and possibly Art Van Go as well as they are great suppliers of all things required by textile artists.