It seems like only yesterday that we were telling you that Valerie’s 40 minute quilt video had taken the internet by storm and has been viewed over ONE MILLION times on You Tube.

Well would you believe it, our very own Queen of Scrap has only gone and topped the TWO MILLION mark recently!! She is now truly an internet sensation.

If you’ve watched the video, it’s an amazingly quick and easy quilt that’s great for anyone to make.

And if you haven’t watched it yet – what’s keeping you – just click here


We still have so many people sending us in their versions of the quilt including this lovely one from Faith, who loves making scrap quilts and made her version of this for her husband totally out of scrap.


And we have another from Roni out in Texas who told us that although it took her more like a day and a half she’s  pleased with the results as she’s a beginner and needs all the help she can get.

If you want to share the #quilting #love with someone – just copy and paste and send them this link