Just checked the weather report and its going to be a great sewing weekend! Am off this evening for a 24hour sewing marathon organised by Creative Quilting (down at Hampton Court) and really looking forward to it – 5pm Fri-5pm Sat with supper and lunch organised too; sew for as long as you like – I suspect I shall give up around 10pm but we will see – 16 of us so should be fun. (want to know more?  check out their class list on their website www.creativequilting.co.uk)

I am planning to work on a new bag pattern (see India’s bag workshop) that I want to film as well as a great and fun way of using 2 ½” fabric strips which again I am planning to film (see the 40minute quilt!) ; and we will be filming on Sunday!

Dave & Matt will be joining me on Sunday to tour the Creative Quilting shop at Hampton Court and then we will be joined by Jo Bostock, an embroiderer, who is going to be telling us about the Embroiderer’s Guild and their projects.

And then I plan to film the two items I worked on on Friday night!

Never a dull moment .