As someone who thinks the rotary cutter is the best bit of kit ever invented for patchworkers, I am open to any idea that is quick and easy.  BUT that doesn’t mean throwing caution to the wind and the current trend flooding the internet to completely ignore the grain of the fabric when making quilts, fills me with horror (and I know lots of quilts that will be horrific too!)

The current issue of Love Patchwork & Quilting shows a stunning quilt on the cover designed by Amanda Castor, but when looking at the making instructions all the half-square triangle are off-grain, and then the blocks are set on point, and then the edges are cut – for a beginner this is a nightmare scenario and if you haven’t someone to ask, you will wonder why everything goes wobbly when you try to quilt it – and applying spray starch is not the answer.

The answer is to keep the grain in mind when you are making the quilt! – get it right at the start and you won’t have to ‘fix’ it later!

Here is a link to an excellent piece on the subject for you to read:  How not to make Half-square triangles:

There are lots of ways of making half-square triangle units, which keep the grain in the right place and are quick and easy – especially when using the sewing machine and the rotary cutter – some of them take a little more thought and care in the making, but how much quicker that is and less tearful than getting it all wrong – which you can’t mend!

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