Valerie has been invited by a group in New Malden – New Malden Quilters Association (aka Foxy Quilters) to share this fun workshop on Thursday 6th July at 7.30pm


4_crazy-in-the-deep-2 - Valerie Nesbitt - valerie


If you aren’t familiar with this workshop , it is a great way of creating a quick and easy quilt from 6 Fat ¼’s with no waster;  pretty much any combination works and you have the added bonus of not having to worry about the seam allowance.

and here is one of the prem baby unit made from recycled shirts:


She will be bringing along bundles of inspiration supplied by Creative Quilting, as well as some goodies supplied by other contributors on the channel.

They meet at St John The Divine, Kingston Road,New Malden,Surrey, KT3 3RX and welcome visitors, so do drop by and join us all.