The justhands-on.tv community stretches far and wide and one member from France, Sandra, made these gorgeous cutwork pieces by following instructions from Kathleen Laurel Sage in one of her kits . She’s very pleased with her results.

One picture is of the kit she received, and the second one is made from  a photo that she found on Kathleen’s site. She thoroughly enjoyed doing them both, and indeed they created a lot of interest at an exhibition in which she participated in October.

As you can see she put the kit version in between two sheets of glass on a tiny metal stand. Sandra fully intends to  continue this technique which she says is ” all thanks to your site” – and Kathleen’s wonderful tuition, of course.

If you want to make the kit yourself , just click here to find it in the shop, or watch Kathleen as she shows you how to make it in this video.