By Valerie Nesbitt

If you think that we just turn up with some quilts under our arms, think again!

This is my car ready for a filming day in Bristol with Kate Findlay.  Nothing in there belongs to her! Nor is there camera equipment or lighting and editing equipment!

But you will find : sewing machine (hidden) rotary cutting equipment, quilts, work in progress, tables, backdrops, alternative backdrops, table coverings, tables and hangers (just in case), iron and ironing board, best press, pins, scissors, and that’s not to mention hair and makeup stuff and a change of clothing! Oh and my lunch was in there somewhere.

We had a great day with Kate.  We learnt how she had been spending her time, very productively it turned out, during lockdown. She has been  producing appliqué kits and a book. We also learnt more about the lovely textile retreat she is going to be doing for us in March 2020.

If you’d like more details of Kate’s textile retreat – click here for details