Dave and Matt will be doing all the important stuff today but we have plans to wander round the shop and find out just how much crafty stuff Julie and Sarah can hold.   We will also be meeting up with some great tutors:  Gina Ferrari, Jill Adamson and Tanyia Haines – so we will be covering beading, free motion textile embroidery, twisted bargello at least.


All for your future pleasure here on the site! – so k e..e..e….e..p watching


UPDATE: Tues 14th Feb:
We had a really great day and it was such a pleasure to meet Julie and Sarah as well as their talented tutors.  It is a lovely shop with a great welcoming atmosphere and, of course, wheelchair (and buggy) friendly.

Do check out their website for details of their workshops and products: www.beeingcrafty.co.uk