Decolourant, upcycling and a little bit of crazy

///Decolourant, upcycling and a little bit of crazy

Decolourant, upcycling and a little bit of crazy

We had another superb filming day last Thursday (despite the rain!) and we were  joined by Dee Paramour on behalf of Mulberry Silks who did a series of workshops using two new(ish) products called Decolourant and Decolourant Plus;   these are products that take the colour out of fabric without distressing it and without any nasty noxious fumes.

We were also visited by Steve Weekes who runs the upcycling company in Wiltshire called Texworks and she showed us to make turn a shrunked jumper into a wonderful, warm hat (which I should have bought ‘cos I love it!)






for more information about her and her workshops/vintage shop go to

and as well as layering, quilting and binding Your First Sampler Quilt there was a bit of crazy –  in patchwork form of course.


So lots to look forward to.



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