One of my ladies is piecing the top of a 9 block sample quilt..and because she has made her sashing a little wider..when she is putting her border on the it is shorter than the full width of the fabric by a few inches…she will obviously have to add a little but where would you suggest she puts this add on please?


This is a common problem when you add the sashing and it makes it just a tad too wide;  one of the ways I have found to get round it is mentioned in the Border of Your First Sampler Quilt where you add the same fabric a the sashing to the ends of the 2nd /wider border;  if you do this on all four sides and then add cornerstones of the 2nd/wider border it will look like a design feature and get you out of trouble.! –

the thumbnail on this shows you what I mean but you don’t have to change the fabric – in fact it looks really good if you don’t.