We have some amazing news – Valerie’s 40 minute quilt video has taken the internet by storm and has been viewed over ONE MILLION times on You Tube – making her our very own internet phenomenon.

Some of you may have already watched Valerie’s 40 minute scrap quilt video – it’s an amazingly quick and easy quilt – that’s great for anyone to make. We thought we’d share some of the amazing versions people have made – starting with the original one that Valerie made and quilted up

If you want to share the #quilting #love with someone – here’s the link bit.ly/40minquilt









5_bejeweledquilts bejeweledquilts.blogspot.co.uk

And here are just a few of the lovely comments we’ve received on You Tube about the video

“Ingenious!!! I love the concept! Applause,Applause!” – Maple Flagg

“soooooooo I made one and am on my 2nd. I plan on making more! Thanks so much?” – Shane Winters

“I could never decide on a jelly roll to buy especially when I already have a sewing room full of fabric…this is fantastic.  Great for a baby gift or a last minute christmas gift that uses up our scraps.” – Carol Gardner

“I did enjoy it and now I have the courage to make my own ! Thanks for sharing .” -djsews3