Gayle contacted us as she wanted to make the 40 minute quilt but was a little unsure about winging it and asked Valerie for a little help as she had cut her strips to 4″

As Gayle’s strips were wider, Valerie said that this just means that the quilt will get made faster! (Valerie’s original quilt was made from 2.5″strips). The calculations are still the same though – Gayle’s 4″ strips sewn will become 3.5″ wide (approx) so if Gayle wanted it to be 40″ in the other direction then just divide the size by 3.5 – simple! (If you started with 2.5″ strips, you would divide by 2 instead.). Valerie uses 40″ as this is the typical length of a strip in a pre-cut jelly roll and also the width of most quilting fabrics.

So how did Gayle get on?  well she has finished her quilt which she made in the end with 5″ strips and we think it looks brilliant. Gayle told us she was a little disappointed how some of the colors group together, but as Valerie says like many scrap quilts no amount of planing seems to avoid duplicates and is part of it’s charm!

Gayle is very excited to start another one and is also going to take some 2.5″ strips to her next meeting  with her quilting group and is going to show everyone how she made it.

Keep up the great work Gayle!!

And if you want to have a go at the quilt, why not watch Valerie’s free video – click here