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Valerie is Founder and Creative Director of She launched after selling Creative Quilting, a quilt shop near Hampton Court that is still flourishing and where Valerie continues to teach on a weekly basis. Valerie has become a bit of a YouTube celebrity with well over a million views of her “40 minute scrap quilt” tutorial. For more information on Valerie visit About us page.

New Year – New Filming day with Jennie Rayment and Paula Doyle

We had a fabulous day with two of our favourite contributors- Not only did we get some wonderful workshops out of everybody - but we can give you advance notice that Jennie and Paula are booked for a retreat Nov 24/25 2018 - SO SAVE THE DATE. We do know what they will be working on (and we have film to  prove it!) but the venue yet to be decided.

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Malta – Our first international retreat

Jennie and Valerie have just come back from our first international quilting retreat in Malta with Stitchtopia/Arena Travel After a  couple of days sightseeing and chilling at the hotel, our ladies enjoyed 4 days of workshops learning how to twiddle and fiddle with Jennie and then creating a quilt with Valerie combining the Dresden Plate/Grandmothers Fan blocks on day one  with Flying geese on day two to create small medallion style quilts.

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Oakshott Open Days – how can you resist?

Who are Oakshott Fabrics: You may have seen some Oakshott fabrics in our Shop, but who are they? Oakshott is a family-run business which has been supplying quilters and textile artists the world over since 2003. The brand is renowned for the high quality of its fabrics and the sumptuousness of its colour ranges. The collections are designed entirely in-house and ethically sourced from respected weavers, currently in India.

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Pots, Jugs and Flowers with Hilary Beattie

We've just had a fantastic weekend at our retreat at the Aztec hotel in Bristol with Hilary Beattie. As you can see from the pictures below all the students produced completely individual interpretations of Hilary's theme for this weekend, which was pots, jugs and flowers. Most were made using materials Hilary provided - they were able to select  materials freely from a  choice of 5 large boxes of fabric and papers and developed their own compositions - so much more versatile that individual kits - thankyou Hilary.

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Under the Edge Quilters

A group of Gloucestershire quilters recently staged an exhibition of their Project Linus quilts. Under the Edge Quilters, based in Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire, made more than 20 quilts for the charity, which will be distributed to local hospitals to provide a sense of security and comfort to sick and traumatised babies, children and teenagers. The charity's website can be found at

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Festival of Quilts 2017

Valerie and our Director Steve Barton, took a working visit to this year's Festival of Quilts, and Steve couldn't help but steal some time to admire the amazing array of quilts and take some pictures to share with you. This is Steve's favourite - in beautiful colours and with some fantastic detail. It's from Linzi Upton who won the Contemporary Quilt Category with her Beelzebub quilt Steve loves the beauty of this and it's very timely, given the World Championship Athletics at the moment!

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A Textile treat in Wivenhoe, Essex

We spent the day filming the textile exhibition 'Threads' which is on show at The Nottage Maritime Institute, Wivenhoe - just outside Colchester in Essex. What a delight - not just the exhibiton but the location too Here we are admiring the view during a hard day's work!   A huge thankyou to all the contributors , and particularly to Janet Harker and Annie Bielecka-Jones for organising the day and looking after us so well.

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Go Crazy with Val in New Malden

Valerie has been invited by a group in New Malden – New Malden Quilters Association (aka Foxy Quilters) to share this fun workshop on Thursday 6th July at 7.30pm     If you aren’t familiar with this workshop , it is a great way of creating a quick and easy quilt from 6 Fat ¼’s with no waster;  pretty much any combination works and you have the added bonus of not having to worry about the seam allowance.

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Manchester Quilting Bee

#manchesterquiltingbee have been collecting fabric squares from generous quilters, crafters and first timers around the world in order to make up quilts for those affected by the tragic attacks in Manchester this May and they've had an amazing response so far. They are collecting five inch hexagons appliqued onto 6.5 inch cotton squares. They are being made into quilts for the families affected by the Manchester terrorist attacks.

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Bath Cancer Unit’s Forever Friends Appeal

Members of staff at Knorr-Bremse Rail UK in Wiltshire are selling raffle tickets for a quilt to raise money for Bath Cancer Unit’s Forever Friends Appeal. Their colleague Tony Bliss lost his battle with cancer last year, so an appeal went out for shirts from staff at the Melksham site – an engineering and manufacturing facility in the rail industry – and the amazing response ensured there was enough fabric to make a quilt for a double bed.

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Filming with Carolyn Forster

What a great day we had together with Carolyn last week and we have some really lovely workshops ready for editing;  Carolyn spent the day sharing with us her 'Joy of Sewing' and we have a whole series of workshops on how to sew patchwork by hand - a great alternative to EPP and not a stitch in sight! She also showed us how to design cable quilting which you can customize for your own quilt size; there is a super quick layer-cake bag and a wonderful woven scrap quilt too (see picture below).

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Twiddling, Fiddling and some Magic too -A Weekend Retreat in Henley on Thames

What a super time we all had; there was sewing for two days at the Lady Sew and Sew warehouse in Henley and then dinner at the Red Lion Hotel in Henley followed by the hilarious talk from Jennie Rayment. The sewing schedule was, for me as a tutor, a little different in that I only had to prepare to teach for a one-day workshop - teaching half the delegates on day 1 and then the other half on day 2.  There was a little Magic 4 from me, and some Twiddling and Fiddling from Jennie and from the delegates point of view they got the benefit of both of us without having to move!!!

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40 Minute Scrap Quilt – 1,000,000 views and counting…

We have some amazing news - Valerie's 40 minute quilt video has taken the internet by storm and has been viewed over ONE MILLION times on You Tube - making her our very own internet phenomenon. Some of you may have already watched Valerie's 40 minute scrap quilt video - it's an amazingly quick and easy quilt - that's great for anyone to make.

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