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About Valerie Nesbitt

Valerie is Founder and Creative Director of She launched after selling Creative Quilting, a quilt shop near Hampton Court that is still flourishing and where Valerie continues to teach on a weekly basis. Valerie has become a bit of a YouTube celebrity with well over a million views of her “40 minute scrap quilt” tutorial. For more information on Valerie visit About us page.

How to Bind your Quilt

A small strip of fabric gives the finishing touch to your quilt and this video guides you through those steps. It includes discussion about use of the walking foot; simple quilting on the quilt, how to mark the quilt and a suggestion about the stitches you can use - again with the walking foot; you learn what seam allowance is necessary and, most importantly, how to create the mitred corner to give a perfect finish.

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Festival of Quilts, NEC 2009

Val:  what a fantastic show!  Such a wide variety of  traders with amazing products (and quilts) - workshops and truely amazing quilts - traditional/modern, artistic and creative, creations ranging from lingerie to vases, clothing to boxes.   There was a wonderful showcase from the young graduates which is reassuring as it means that our passion will be continued. The boys from joined Jennie and I on the Sunday and we managed to get interviews to Gail Lawther and her husband Chris;  Philippa Naylor, Karin Hellaby, Paula Doyle, SAQA, toured the Hanging Together exhibition and took shots of the quilts themselves.

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World Quilts

Jennie: Am still in Manchester, New Hampshire, USA  at World Quilt show. Nice show with good range of classes, vendors and quilts to die for. As I was on the judging team, I had a chance for a real good look at the quilts. Lots of fabric painting and raw edged applique often covered in a fine net. Hand work is almost nonexistent although there were one or two whole cloth quilts beautifully done.

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What a week

Jennie: I would never have thought that a week could go by and me not prattle on the blog! Tempus certainly fugits when you don't look. Had fab day yesterday as filmed Mandy Shaw doing some amazing Christmas stuff from dolls to other delights and then went to see Kim Thittichai who did hot stuff with Hot Spots - Wow - am I going to have twinkles and sparkly bits and not necessarily on my lizards either - you will have to hang on for that salient titbit (or is it tidbit?) until the film comes out!

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Minerva Arts Centre

Jennie: Film crew went to Minerva Arts Centre in Llandidloes, Powys – fantastic collection of ancient and modern quilts. Just you wait until you see the quilt with 12,000 3/4 inch hexagons made by a 9 year old boy!!! Also the complete contrast with four very contemporary Welsh quilters. Then off to see very special charity quilt made by 49 ladies in Crickhowell. Wow what a qult - each section tells of the journey through a landscape either your inner toughts and feelings or a real landscape that inspires you.

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How it all started

In the beginning - Summer 2008: Valerie Nesbit (from Creative Quilting, Hampton Court, Surrey) dreams of creating a TV based web site devoted to Textile Arts. Jennie Rayment, nips and tucks, prattles and teaches internationally in her own little calico heaven August 2008: Seeds planted
Valerie finds a film crew and goes to Festival of Quilts, Quilt Museum in York and records workshops with several well known quilters.

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